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The Erechtheum Caryatid, British Museum, London.

Caryatids were columns carved in the shape of females. This figure is one of six caryatids that supported the roof of the South porch of the Erechtheum, on the Acropolis of Athens.
There is an inscription shown on the wall of Erechtheum that refers to them as Korai (maidens) and records that they were in place on the Temple by 409 BC.

She resembles the girls from the Procession on the East Frieze of the Parthenon. She wears a Peplos (tunic) with a short cloak hanging from her shoulders. Her long thick hair is braided around her head and falls on each shoulder down her back.

This Caryatid came to the British Museum in 1816 with Lord Elgin's Marbles, other Caryatids have been removed from the Erechtheum and can now be seen in the Acropolis Museum

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