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greekjewelryshop Mon, 23 Feb 2009 06:21:15 -0600 CST

Kalos k' agathos is also known in contemporary greek as one word.. kalokagathos. It means 'good and naive'. In context this usually is used to refer to someone who is a kind person by noble purpose. I think you have confused the phrase "a strong mind in a healthy body" which is Nous igeiis somati igeis actually meaning that a prerequisite for a healthy mind is a healthy body.

johndanielmorse Wed, 4 Feb 2009 11:49:12 -0600 CST

Hello, I was hoping some one could help with an ancient phrase. I believe it is "kalos 'k agathos." I remember it being a phrase the encompassed the overall philosophy of ancient Greece. In general, it is supposed to mean "a strong mind in a healthy body." Could anyone confirm this. Or if I am mistaken, can anyone let me know exactly what the ancient phrase is? Thank you

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