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The Olympics

The Olympics are symbolized by the five rings of power. The five rings of power, each ring standing for the corresponding continent in competition. The Olympics began in 1896 and have endured through some tough times. Still, we are witnessing at present, these worldwide games will continue to become history. At a glance, the most controversial Olympic games had to be the games of 1936, held in Berlin, Germany. Second to those games were the games of 1968, held in Mexico City. From a historical perspective, these two games were enormous in stature; yet, the games of 1936 and 1968 could have easily damaged the Olympic games permanently. The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin at a time when the notorious Adolf Hitler ruled with great power. The delegating force when it came to matters concerning the Olympics was the IOC, (International.Olympic.Committee.). The IOC decided on Berlin instead of Barcelona, Spain with a ballot vote that went 43-16 in favor of Berlin. Though Hitler's reputation in the world at that time was one sustained by cruelty and dictatorship, the IOC repeatedly stated to the people that the city of Berlin was the host of the games, and most certainly not the Nazi Party. A Nazi spokesman named Bruno Malitz.

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